Document Management

Can't find your document? Document management is a secure way to store and access your files

16+  years experience

Ivory Solutions are an Ayrshire based company with technical and sales personnel throughout the west and central Scotland. As well as this we also have 150 UK wide service centers. Although we are mainly a Konica Minolta Dealer we are also Sharp, Olivetti, HP dealer accredited.

Document Workflow

Paper-based processes are inefficient and error-prone. In accounts payable for instance, the cost of invoice processing can mount up when you include sorting, data entry, approval routing and archiving.

Automated document workflow replaces manual paper-based processes with cost-saving electronic reviews and approvals, notifications, and audit logging.

Document Searching

Information workers spend several hours a day searching for the information they need to do their jobs.

Integrated document search technology makes life easier in the paperless office, where document management software has tools for searching the content and metadata (facts about the files) of both electronic documents and scanned paper files.

Document Control

Estimates are that as many as 90% of documents handled every day have no appropriate management. For regulated businesses, the risk is significant.

Document control is pivotal where quality management and compliance are a concern. Document processes are managed in a system built exclusively around regulatory control and regulated procedures.

Document Storage

Studies have shown that the cost of handling, storing and shipping a single sheet of paper can add up when you consider the cost of one filing cabinet and the extra cost to maintain it.

Hard drives are cheaper, and more efficient. Microsoft-integrated document storage replaces inefficient paper storage with digital document management solutions.